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Connected Geek also makes “house calls”.  Our experienced technicians provide assistance in a wide variety of categories. We have provided customers with quality service at affordable prices.  We can help you get your computer or network up and running immediately!

Home Computer Repair

A virus can hit your computer unexpectedly, and at the most inopportune time. One wrong click could cripple your entire system or network.  We can help you get things back up and running quickly with an extensive PC repair service. Depending on your issue, we can either send someone to check out your computer or set up an online remote session. In many cases, we can dispatch one of our experienced technicians to your site within a day, and have everything working in just a few hours!

Our technicians have years of experience with computer repair services, as well as numerous industry certifications.  We work with both PC and Mac, and even let you monitor our progress as we go along. Connected Geek offers affordable pricing, with plans starting at $25 a month, as well as competitive one-time rates.


Data Recovery & System Backup Services

Your computer networks are likely filled with important documents, emails, and many other files. But what would happen if all of that data disappeared due to a power surge, virus, or simply one wrong click? If you do not have a proper backup system in place, it could take days or weeks to replace everything that was lost.

If you have a mandatory report to complete for school or work, important files, or just personal memories like pictures on your computer, losing them can create a tremendous headache. Getting all of that back could be an even bigger nightmare, and we want to help you make sure it does not happen again in the future.

Connected Geek’s computer recovery process not only helps you find your lost files, but it also prevents you from losing them again. Our experienced technicians will provide the resources necessary to gather files and programs wiped out for whatever reason. In addition, we will transfer data to another source if the operating system has become corrupted, and also implement a backup solution for the future.

Disasters happen; let us prevent any of those problems from happening with our advanced cloud back up protection. We not only save your important files and documents in the event of a catastrophe, but we also provide tips and support that will help keep your organization from being the next to go under. Taking the right preventive measures will allow you to make sure your company does not become one of the many that fail due to the lack of a proper backup solution.

To provide you with the most advanced form of cloud-based backup and recovery solutions that protect your computer network from the most common forms of data loss, Connected Geek has partnered with Carbonite.

Wireless Network Installation and Repair

Your computer is a major investment that costs hundreds – maybe even thousands – of dollars. However, having improper protection can cost you even more. While a wireless network helps keep your home connected, an unsecured connection can leave you prone to security problems. These problems can take time out of your busy schedule, and money out of your wallet.  If you have a deadline looming, you cannot afford to work with an unsecured connection. Call us today to get your home wireless network set up!

With Connected Geek’s wireless networks installation, we can not only help you configure your router and adapter, but we will also secure your network, and show you how to use it, and prevent any possible attacks. We can have one of our qualified technicians at your home within 24 hours and have your computer network running safely and securely. Our versatility allows us to work with both Windows and MAC operating systems.

With our affordable pricing and many flexible options, we can help you find a plan that suits both your budget and schedule and have you online within minutes…securely. Let us provide you with the support that you cannot afford to go without!

Virus, Malware, and Spyware Removal

Nothing can disable a computer quicker than a virus or spyware, and it can come without you even realizing it. You click a link or make what you think is a harmless download, and next thing you know, your computer becomes inundated with pop-up ads, or you find yourself redirected to another site.

Those are just the minimal effects of spyware. More severe malware attacks can result in a compromise of your personal information – for example, your bank account, credit card, or social security numbers. Or even worse, it could cause your hard drive to crash. In any event, you could end up having to spend hundreds, if not thousands, to get your life back in order.

Those are all worst-case scenarios, but still, things to consider. If you find yourself at the mercy of a virus, count on us to come to the rescue! We will remove any viruses or malware infesting your system, and help you keep your home or office computer(s) safe from any future attacks. In addition, our certified professionals can come to your home and help set up anti-virus software that acts as a barrier from any outside attacks. They also offer various tips that can help you keep yourself from becoming a victim of any attacks or scams.

Training Services

Our certified computer experts can help you with any computer subject, from walking you through your email program to showing you how to work with Word® documents, with advanced business functions and even server installs. We want you to feel comfortable and current with your computer programs and peripheral equipment. 

  • Need to know more about the latest version of Windows® or how to update your operating system?
  • Looking to get more out of your Microsoft Office® programs, such as learning how to create and implement formulas on a spreadsheet in Excel®?
  • Want to learn how to customize and optimize your email account for faster, more efficient inter-office communications?
  • Need your calendar set up to invite colleagues to events and meetings, interactively?
  • Need to how to create, communicate, and maintain your social media accounts? (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)
  • Looking into effective solutions to maintain, update, and organize your different files?

Customer service is our #1 goal at Connected Geek

No matter what aspect of your home computer system or your IT work environment you would like to focus on, our skilled technicians are there for you, with same day service in some states.

Available in 2-hour blocks at a discounted price of $150, our Training Plus Service technicians will respond within a day of your request. One of our certified computer technicians in our nationwide network will work with you on any computer-related topic from navigating the Internet, learning about Facebook functions, solving gaming issues, and paying bills online. We can help you set up your network and link your computers, printers, scanners, and accessories, such as Amazon Alexa®, digital camera or Go Pro®.

Connected Geek:  Growing fast with innovative remote online computer repair nationwide

Connected Geek one of the fastest-growing computer repair companies in the US, has been dedicated to providing premium quality computer repair and support services to homes and businesses since 2007. Making inroads as a pioneer in the online remote computer repair industry.  This remote service can get you up and running in less time and at a fraction of the cost of other large computer repair companies. Our outsourced technology solutions are ideal for businesses that don’t need a full-time IT staff and folks in need of home computer repair. Training Plus Service helps us help you learn more about your computer systems, giving you the skills you desire in today’s ever-changing technological environment.

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